Trade Fairs - Many opportunities



Direct contact is the only thing that really counts at the fairs.  Stand personnel represents the company, their behaviour and appearance affects the image of the whole company.

Thus, it is vital to select only the competent persons, that possess excellent knowledge of the company’s activities (never select newly hired employees), and then train them, so they can really contribute to achieving the goals set for the fairs. One should pay attention to the disposition of the persons selected.  Optimism, natural communication and interpersonal skills, ability to listen to and understand interlocutor’s needs, ability to speak clearly and concisely, commitment to current activities – these are the basic features that the fair personnel should be characterised by.  Those persons should also have excellent market orientation, know the competition and posses information about people that visit the fairs.

It’s also very important, that a top management representative be present at the stand at any time, to meet and discuss with visitors of the managerial level; a person, who can also grant an interview if the need be.

You should remember to properly motivate the fair personnel, as well.  First of all, members of the staff must understand, that they have been granted a privilege.  Participation in the fairs is a question of prestige also for people that co-build the company’s image during the show.   Think about an additional financial gratification for the people working during the show.