Trade Fairs - Many opportunities


A perfect stand

A stand is your company’s business card at the fairs, that’s why you should very carefully consider the way it will look.

The fair organizer will offer you a stand: without any construction, with standard or custom construction. Purchasing a stand with a standard construction profile is certainly the cheapest and the most convenient variant.  However, before making a decision, think whether it's not worth investing a bit more funds and time into the exhibition, gaining in return bigger distinctness and individuality among other, usually very standard stands.

Making a decision to order a standard construction stand remember, that you can also order additional furnishings, which can help you organise a more friendly and comfortable stand.

Deciding on a custom construction stand you can usually order it from the fair organizer or from one of the co-operating companies; or to construct the stand yourself, most probably with co-operation of a design studio or an advertising agency. Ordering a custom construction stand from the fair organizer allows you to assign part of your responsibilities to qualified specialists ready for this kind of tasks.  The fair organizer knows the facility perfectly well and will be able to avoid any cost-generating technical traps (e.g. hooking up power supply, fire-protection regulations, etc.). However, if you make a decision to purchase a design project from an advertising agency, make sure to co-ordinate all the details with the fair organizer’s technical department.  Regardless of the kind of stand construction chosen, remember, that individual character of the stand depends also on posters, flower vases, flowers, table-cloth and other such elements, obligatorily consistent with the company's image, decorations, as well as music.

During the introductory stage, your first task is to make sure that you will stand out from the group of other companies – some of them your direct competition - and will be remembered positively by the visitors.  Make advantage of an element of the positive surprise:  e.g. an interesting, attention-drawing event organised at the stand will help you draw attention of a bigger number of visitors - potential customers; it will also imprint your company's name and logo in the visitors' memory, thus supporting the creation of the so called brand awareness.