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Start preparations for participation in an exhibition show from analysing what kind of offer the company should go to the fairs with.  Consider market conditions, the company’s strategy but also the character of this very show and its usual visitors.

The goals, you want to achieve, must be precisely defined.  Next, you define a cost estimate. It will be useful later on to verify the effectiveness of the whole investment.  Having a general plan, it's time to make a detailed schedule.  It’s preparations time now:  you have to design a stand (chapter  Exhibition stand), which would represent your company at the fairs; select and train personnel (chapter  Personnel, prepare the schedule of promotional activities planned in relation to your participation in the show (before and during the fairs).

If you plan to participate in the fairs in advance, it's worth to send an application as soon as possible.  It will give you a chance to get a better stand location.  From the exhibitor's point of view, the most desirable locations are: passageways, main entrance area, areas where fair visitors tend to gather (coffee machines, catering points, information, etc.).  Also, applying in advance, you will usually get better (promotional) prices.

Making a last moment decision, you will probably  have to do with a much worse location for you exhibition stand.  When applying, determine, whether information about your company will be included in the fair catalogue and what is the deadline for sending all information and materials required for this publication.  Due to the nature of the publishing process, acceptance of applications for the catalogue entries usually ceases several weeks before the opening of the fairs.  Being in the catalogue is beneficial. Visitors treat the catalogue as a compendium of knowledge about exhibitors and buy it even before entering the fairs.  All new buyers use it to acquire vendor information, as well.  Moreover, the catalogues "outlive" the fairs for at least a year. Very often organizers receive requests for a catalogue even several months after the fairs.