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When planning your participation in the fairs, you have to, first of all, choose a proposition, which is the most suitable for your company.  The success of your participation depends on whether you choose well or badly.  It’s best to review the calendar of exhibitions by different organisers and take the following factors into consideration:


Prestige and size of the fairs (the biggest international shows however are not always the most optimal ones). For instance, you should base your choice on the scope of market covered (local, domestic, global). When assessing the prestige of the show, your efforts can be - to some degree - augmented by information about the patrons as well as the institutions and companies co-operating with organizers of specific fairs.


  • Thematic range of the show. You have to consider, if your company’s range of products suits the subject-matter covered by the selected fairs.  You can always ask other exhibitors about the profile.


  • Experience and professionalism of the organizers – check the current opinions about the organizers, e.g. among other industry representatives.


  • Visitors.  Check the visitors' profile and how many people visit the fairs each year (if it's not the first edition of the fairs, naturally): are those decision-making people, do they represent institutional customers or individual end-users.  Ask, whom the exhibitor sends invitations to; and whether the available statistical data has been gathered using a credible system of visitor registration.


  • Accessibility of the site, where the fairs are organised.  This factor is of great relevance especially in case of “business to customer” exhibitions.  Industry professionals will travel even long distances to visit a prestigious event.  In case of individual customers however, location of the fair site (in the centre of the city or at its outskirts) does matter.


  • Forms of the fair promotion.  Ask the organizer about how they intend to advertise the exhibition and who they're going to direct their activities to.  This information will make your promotional activities much easier.


  • An option to organise additional conferences and presentations. Any additional forms of promotion at the fairs, which can make the company's presentation stand out from the strong competition crowd are of extreme importance.