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Exhibitors guide

Choose the fairs

Wybierz właściwe targiWhen planning your participation in the fairs, you have to, first of all, choose a proposition, which is the most suitable for your company.  The success of your participation depends on whether you choose well or badly. More

Action plan

Przygotuj się do targówCarefully plan all the actions you have to take before the fairs, things you have to take care of during the show and steps you have to take after the exhibition is over, in order to make it fruitful.



Effective form of promotion

Wyróżnij się spośród innychParticipation in the fairs is an event of utmost importance.  It consumes a significant portion of the company’s marketing budget.  That is the reason, why participation in the show should be carefully planned and take into  consideration the company's needs.


A perfect stand

Zadbaj o wygląd swojego stoiskaA stand is your company’s business card at the fairs, that’s why you should very carefully consider the way it will look.




Wybierz właściwy personel targowyDirect contact is the only thing that really counts at the fairs.  Stand personnel represents the company, their behaviour and appearance affects the image of the whole company.



After the fairs

Działania pozatargoweThe end of the fairs doesn’t really mean the end of fair activities.  New work awaits you now.