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About us

In 2009 the company MT Targi Polska was separated from the company MT Polska (Międzynarodowe Targi Polska ? International Fairs Poland), which is the biggest trade fair organizer on the Warsaw market and one of the most important in Poland. The sixteen-year experience, tradition and professionalism necessary for the organization of trade fairs and accompanying events remained at MT Targi Polska, the company brought into being in 2009 to deal with this domain exclusively.

By contrast, the activity of MT Polska was centred around managing the MT Polska Trade Fair and Congress Centre, in which MT Targi Polska organizes trade fairs and accompanying events.

Our mission

Providing our Customers with the tool that shall enable them to reach the targeted audience with information on their offer in effective, precise and measurable manner.


Our motto
  • Credibility  

We do always keep our promises.

All data concerning our trade fair events are annually verified by an independent auditor.

  • Quality and professionalism

We strive for establishing the fair events of top quality, which shall satisfy the expectations of our Customers and contribute to their success.

  • Dynamic development

We do our best to ensure that every consecutive edition of the event organized by us is better from the previous one.